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30May 2018

US Dollar Slows After New 2018 Highs

As US Dollar Slows After New 2018 Highs, Strategists Expect Sharp Drop

American consumers may have noticed foreign shopping and traveling abroad have become quite cheap, as of late. This is due to the ever-strengthening exchange rate of the US dollar compared to other currencies. However, is the dollar flying too high and ready for correction?

23May 2018

Circle launches new cryptocurrency backed by the US dollar

Circle launches new cryptocurrency

It’s like the traditional greenback we all know and love. Only digitized and brought to the next level.

Circle, the fintech company backed by the financial giant Goldman Sachs, is making waves in the financial world with the launch of a new kind of cryptocurrency the summer of 2018. Announced Tuesday May 15, Circle is creating the USDC or Circle USD Coin. This innovative tokenized currency will peg its value to the US dollar and have its currency backed up by US dollar reserves.

16May 2018

Cryptocurrency becomes popular

Cryptocurrency becomes popular

In recent years, the crypto market has grown further and further. This is reflected in the large increases that some coins have made. It is true that some people have earned millions because they bought some coins very early.

10May 2018

The Basics of Currency Trading

The Basics of Currency Trading

Trading or investment in any industry or market is a risk. However, it is true that some investments carry more risks than the others. The currency market is one of the high-risk investments.

4May 2018

Global Financial News-Top 5 news,May 2018

Top 5 Global Financial News

To keep you abreast with the happenings in the world of finance, we are going to take a peek into the top global financial news. These are some of the news that have global consequences and can help financial players make informed decision:

26Apr 2018

The Four Most Tradable Currencies of 2018

Forex News, The Four Most Tradable Currencies of 2018

It is not uncommon to meet people who view the foreign exchange market as a gamble that isn’t for the faint-hearted. While this view cannot be totally faulted, the fact remains all businesses carry their risk. And it is the people who are able to brave and navigate their way through these risks that end up coming out rich. The Forex market could be a great diversification when other major markets around the world are on a Southern roll. The cryptocurrency market, for example, is just attempting to recover from a trying period since the turn of the year. The almighty Bitcoin lost around 80% of its value after hitting storied heights in the last quarter of 2017.

26Apr 2017

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